Balinese Delight at the Pondok Bali

pondok baliA few weeks ago on a wet and stormy night in Adelaide I ventured to the Pondok Bali restaurant on Pulteney Street.  Inside was warm and inviting, with sea blue walls, potted palms and parasols it is certainly decorated to make you feel that you have been transported to Bali.

As there was a group of us, half of whom had not been to this restaurant before, we chose to have the Bali Banquet at $37 per person.   Continue reading

Breakfast at the Deep Blue Cafe

deep blue cafeOne of my favourite places for breakfast is the Deep Blue Café at Moana.  Located on the Esplanade, the café is a bit tardis like, as it’s much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside, but it has a very chilled out, relaxed vibe.  The staff are very friendly and attentive, and there is a reasonably priced and varied breakfast menu.

In the interests of research I have tried a few of the breakfast items on the menu, and my favourite is the ‘French Toast with bacon, seasonal fruits and maple syrup’.  If you ask nicely they will also add a dollop of ice cream to this breakfast, which might seem weird but I like it.  Continue reading

Willunga Olive Farm: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olive oilOn a weekend trip to Willunga Farmers Market I stopped at the Willunga Olive Farm stall to sample their Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Willunga Olive Farm was established in 1997 and is situated at the base of the hills on the outskirts of Willunga where they have over 1100 olive trees.  They are certified organic and biodynamic and produce premium grade extra virgin olive oil.   Unlike wine, olive oil does not age well so buying local is an advantage as the fresher the oil the better it tastes.    Continue reading

‘The Humble Biccie can be Tricky’ says Dan on the Great Australian Bake Off Episode 3

Nancy's Gingerbread Carousel

Nancy’s Gingerbread Carousel

It looked like a small earthquake had rumbled it’s way across the Bake Off tent this week as Gingerbread structures started tumbling and crumbling to the floor.  It’s biscuit week and the final challenge this week was to build a Gingerbread Structure.  So we had a Church, a Wintry Village, an Eiffel Tower (which should have won a prize for tallest structure), a Carousel, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a High Country Hut, a Monster Robot, and an Outdoor Dunny.

All very adventurous, but I would have liked to see a traditional gingerbread house.  Many of them lacked finesse in the execution of the structure.  That’s not to say that I could do any better, I can’t – which is why I’m an armchair critic and not on the show, – but I was willing the contestants to do better.   Continue reading

Pies Glorious Pies on Great Australian Bake Off Episode 2

Maria's Beef Pie (photo courtesy of GABO website)

Maria’s Beef Pie (photo courtesy of GABO website)

There were tears and tantrums in the Bake Off tent this week as Pie Week started to heat things up.  Pastry was thrown on the floor, and piping bags were flung across the kitchen.  Who knew that making a Pie was so stressful?!

The challenge for the Signature Bake was to produce a hearty family pie, a good all rounder that the family love.   The pie could be sweet or savoury, and must have a lid.   As most of us just buy ours from the supermarket it was great to see the variations that were dished up, although surprisingly nobody made a sweet pie in this round.  Don’t families like Apple Pie anymore?   Continue reading

On Your Marks, Get Set, BAKE

gaboBrr it’s cold outside, so snuggle up and switch on ‘The Great Australian Bake Off’.  The Channel 9 show started this week and follows 10 home bakers in their bid to be crowned Australia’s Best Amateur Baker.  Presented by Shane Jacobson and Anna Gare each episode will target a specific area of baking, such as biscuits, bread, cakes, or pies etc.  Each episode consists of three challenges:  Continue reading

Monday Morning at The Loose Caboose

Fruit & Nut Sourdough with Jam

Fruit & Nut Sourdough with Jam

In an attempt to banish the Monday morning blues I thought I would forego my usual cereal and have breakfast at The Loose Caboose.  Located next to the railway stop at Bowden, and opposite the tram stop at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, The Loose Caboose is a bustling, vibrant café.  It’s warm and inviting with great decor, and the menu is a little different to the usual fare, which makes a welcome change.

The usual range of coffee is available, and fresh juices are served in old-fashioned medicine bottles which is quirky, and all food is served on vintage style plates or bowls, or on wooden platters. Continue reading

Deep Fat Fryer – Gadget Review

deep fat fryerI adore kitchen gadgets and I have a cupboard full of them, but one of the few that I don’t have is a Deep Fat Fryer.  There are a few reasons for this; I don’t like the smell of chip fat in the house, they can be hard to clean, and the smell of used oil lingers in the machine. Despite all this, my desire for freshly home cooked chips became too strong and off I went to the shops with a short list of what I wanted: it must have a well fitting lid, a decent size basket, and be easy to clean.

I chose the Tefal Family Pro Fryer as it appeared to have everything on my list.  Continue reading