Balinese Delight at the Pondok Bali

pondok baliA few weeks ago on a wet and stormy night in Adelaide I ventured to the Pondok Bali restaurant on Pulteney Street.  Inside was warm and inviting, with sea blue walls, potted palms and parasols it is certainly decorated to make you feel that you have been transported to Bali.

As there was a group of us, half of whom had not been to this restaurant before, we chose to have the Bali Banquet at $37 per person.  

Entrée consists of Chicken Satay skewers with a spicy peanut sauce, and Spring Rolls with Sweet Chilli Sauce.  Both of these were amazing, with my only complaint being that you only get one of each.  I could happily have eaten more of the chicken satay skewers as the sauce was delicious.

Main Course consists of 4 different dishes along with steamed rice.  My favourite is definitely the ‘Rendang Daging Sapi (Beef Rendang curry) which is amazing.  The beef just falls apart on your plate.

The “Ikan Acar Kuning’ (Turmeric Fish) is a surprise delight, with the fish being lightly battered slices of fish fillet in a turmeric and candle-nut sauce.  The fish is cooked to perfection, it hasn’t turned to mush (like mine does) and it’s not dry either.

Lightly battered chicken fillet in a tangy Balinese lime sauce and spicy vegetables round out the main courses.

As we were a hungry group we had to ask for extra Beef Rendang, and Fried Chicken, as the portions aren’t huge, and also because we enjoyed them so much.

I must admit that I’m not usually fond of Desserts in Asian restaurants mainly because they are usually rice based (and because they rarely come with chocolate).  However, the Green Coconut Crepe was amazing, and very Green!  The green pancake is warm and filled with coconut and palm sugar, lovely and sweet, and served with ice cream.  It was a great way to end a delicious meal.

The service is good, and the ambiance is relaxing.  The Balinese music is softly playing in the background so you can hear yourselves talk, and the layout of the restaurant means you are not crammed up against other diners, so feels private.

Considering the weather outside was awful the restaurant was busy, so I recommend booking, as I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.

This is one place that I will definitely be visiting again.

Check out their website for further details


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