Willunga Olive Farm: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

olive oilOn a weekend trip to Willunga Farmers Market I stopped at the Willunga Olive Farm stall to sample their Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Willunga Olive Farm was established in 1997 and is situated at the base of the hills on the outskirts of Willunga where they have over 1100 olive trees.  They are certified organic and biodynamic and produce premium grade extra virgin olive oil.   Unlike wine, olive oil does not age well so buying local is an advantage as the fresher the oil the better it tastes.   

They have two Oils to choose from: Frantoio and Leccino.  Leccino is a light, mild, fresh oil while Frantoio is the richer of the two with a zesty, peppery flavour.  I bought the Frantoio as I thought it would be perfect with some fresh homemade Turkish Bread.  It was $13 for a 375ml bottle, and there were other sizes available.

At home, the light Turkish bread went extremely well with the flavoursome oil.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil should have a low acidity (0.8% or less) and Willunga Olive Farm state that their oil has consistently achieved a free fatty acid content of under 0.2%.  There is definitely no acidy taste to it, and no bitter aftertaste either; it just has a flavour that leaves you wanting more.  So much so, that before long the Turkish Bread was all gone.   I also mixed the oil with some balsamic vinegar, which went well, but you don’t want too much vinegar, as it will overpower the oil.  I would highly recommend this olive oil and I’m going back to buy the Leccino oil to use for baking.

Willunga Olive Farm also produces other olive oil based products such as Soaps, Body Lotions, & Moisturising creams, and all are available on the market stall, so check them out next time you are at the market.


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