Tip of the Month – No More Tears!

Google ‘how to chop onions without crying’ and you will get loads of different suggestions; from freezing your onions for 20 minutes beforehand (who has the time to do this?) to wearing an eye mask (how weird will you look?).  If you are like me, you may have tried many methods and failed dismally.

But one wet weekend in the UK I was watching ‘Saturday Kitchen’ on the BBC and I heard the best tip of all  – make sure your chopping KNIVES ARE SHARP.  Blunt knives equal tears.  Sharp knives equal NO tears (unless of course you cut yourself on your newly sharpened knife!)

So after sharpening my knives I gave it a go, and it worked!  No tears (and thankfully no cuts to my fingers either). So my thanks go to chef James Martin for this marvellous tip and saving me a lifetime of tears.

Of course, you could always get somebody else to chop them, that works too 🙂