A Shade Brighter

Colour AppliancesBack in the mid nineties when I bought my first house in the UK, I wanted to buy some funky looking kitchen equipment, and I didn’t want the standard silver or white for my kettle and toaster etc.  I wanted colour!

I soon discovered that I was sadly ahead of my time and it took me weeks to find a set in dark red, which had to do.  Functionality wasn’t really an issue in those days, as long as the toaster didn’t burn my toast.  I wanted it to look good.

Today though, if I wanted to set up my home, I can get almost any colour I want.  Walk into any electrical department and an array of colour greets you.  Cherry Red, Berry Blue, Lemon Yellow, Plum and Passion Pink are just some of the colours on offer and I think it’s fantastic.  It’s not limited to your kettle and toaster either; you can now match your blender, your mixer, and your coffee maker among others.  Why stop there?  How boring does a white fridge look?

I’m tempted to ditch my dull silver kettle and toaster and replace them with Lime Green instead.  The problem then is my mixer won’t match, or my blender, and the coffee machine might make great coffee but it doesn’t really stand out on the kitchen unit, and that fridge looks dated.  I could go on.

The challenge of course, is picking a colour that you can live with for years.  Just remember what happened to the once fashionable Avocado coloured Bath Suite.  Will the Burnt Orange toaster have the same fate?

colour kettles


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